Sunday, April 12, 2015

AutumnNatural - Beachcombers (Conclusion)

Well, I didn't really have much of a story in mind for this one - other than wanting to see some specific designs - and I think AutumnNatural really hit all the high points with this piece.

I am very curious what you all think about a piece like this - without any dialog or major context (does anyone feel I'm doing viewers a disservice by not including dialog, etc?)....and does anyone want to try and put specific periods on each swimwear design here?  I tried to hit pretty much every period style I could chronologically - going both ways :)  As always...I really do appreciate real feedback!


  1. Are the color changes in the older woman's dress a reference to that white/gold/black/blue dress?

    1. No - this (plus reference pics) originated last year. Nothing to do with that pop culture BS. We were using reference images and fashion recreation images for different periods to try and come up with representative designs.

  2. Yay for the webbed feet mermaid TF!
    In that kind of piece I think skipping dialogue is alright. One thing I like is the "descriptive" text that some pieces from Arania sometimes feature on top of the image. It add a dynamism to the drawing as you can imagine what's changing in the image you're currently looking at.
    For example, the Cabin in the Woods, or the WowBrittany sequences.

  3. Autumn did drawn really awesome here.