Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Update - and more polls!

Yep, more polls.  Trying to take advantage of this "absence" to nail down a few things before I begin embarking on my next set of projects.  Got a series of artists in mind at the really great project written up for one of our favorite artists - just need to get him the funds and I know you'll all be blown away - TG, SW, TF, etc.

However, I am curious about your opinions for these polls too.  Do you like it when I stretch a longer project out over several plus weeks of posting...or is it frustrating and somewhat underwhelming in the end?

I feel that there were a few projects I posted early on that simply due to their size would have benefited from being broken into a few more posts than they actually showed up.  I also like to draw out the interest a bit more - really liked seeing comments show up on each Samus pic as I posted them.  Hope to see that much participation in the future.

However, going with larger/longer projects requires a greater time investment as well as resources.  (I should have made a post for this) - aside from followers...does anyone here actually get other notes via email or anything else when my site is updated or do you just check back periodically?

Another thing I've been giving serious thought to is the content of this site.  Personally I've generally tried to keep it within my limits of taste, but there are certain processes that I'm very interested in and would like to see more of...although they are also weirder than some of my standards (more mature, etc).  I don't like commissioning something and then sitting on it rather than posting it...and to be frank...even if it is more mature, I guess most people here wouldn't really care since I can post most or all of the pics below the page breaks if necessary - and label them as such.

And it's not as though we're not all considered a little weird for being interested in some of this stuff anyways - right?

Opinions, comments, etc. valued.

Oh, and I hope to begin posting more of Oppaiman's "Looking for Love" series pretty soon - and will hopefully edit some earlier pics for easier reading.

Apologies for simplistic posting format and no linkage, but my connection is pretty shoddy right now.


  1. Mature is a problem ? I thought we were warned when in here :p
    I don't subscribe to RSS (don't want it too prominently in my feed reader...) but I do check every day or so.

    I liked the drawn out samus, maybe for future ones, one a day instead of 2 a week, depending on sequence size and the type of it would be better. The samus was great for this as each image had a different (nearly self contained) piece of TF. The previous long sequence (Showdown at Grave's Dam) wasn't like this so it took more time to "take off" and get to the TF parts.

    Whatever choice you make, we appreciate (LOVE) all the content you contribute back to us, it's awesome. Thank you.
    Not everyone makes the commissions public, some great pieces will forever stay private, which is sad. The good thing is that (most) of what you commission is posted (apart from the donation art), so that's what's cool.

  2. I would love to see things get a bit more bizarre, and as for the posting when it's posted all at once there is no anticipation of what is going to happen next that is why I loved how you did it with morphball acquired.


  3. I know this doesn't really have anything to do with the post but I've been wondering... when Samus' Armor is destroyed and she is running around in her Zero suit does she change back to normal or does she maintain her altered physique?