Thursday, December 23, 2010

Solios - Slaves to Fashion

You know I had to revisit these characters one more time before the end of the year.  Welcome back Gany and Hank by Solios.

Hank:  “Frankly, all I’m saying is that I can’t really see the point of getting up earlier than we would for class and spending a morning at the shops…that’s kinda the point behind e-shopping.”

Gany: “Because it’s important to try before you buy.  Besides, half the fun is rifling through a neat pile and leaving a mess for some underpaid bimbo to sort out.”

Hank:  “Especially if that ‘underpaid bimbo’ happened to be the TA who gave you a D in bio-chem last quarter?  Not as if any of their standard outfits would fit - all our clothes this year have been special orders.”

Gany:  “Well….yeah – and why does it take twice as long for my custom orders to come in as it does for yours?”

Hank: “I think half the delay is caused by waiting for the stock clerks to stop laughing when they see your reference pics.”

Gany: “That’s the last time you touch my camera.  Now walk faster, I don’t want my coffee to get cold.”

Hank:  (laughing) “Just you wait till my reimbursement check comes…then we’ll see who carries whose coffee.”

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