Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Donation Project - First Month Summary

Well folks, things have actually turned out pretty well for the first month of the donation project. 

Total Contributors:  53
Total Giving:  $577 - $33.47 in paypal fees.
Total for Artists: $179.05

New commissions (complete or in progress) at least partially funded by donations: 4 (at least)

And if you contributed and have had any technical issues trying to download/view any of the files, by all means, please give me a heads up.  I also still have at least one donor who did not list which project they wanted...and hasn't responded to any emails.  If that happens to be you - please drop me a line.  thrandrall[at]

I'm aiming to have additional projects suitable for the project also in place by the beginning of the year - hopefully.  I respond to feedback when I get it so please feel free to drop a line if there are specific things you would like to see - and please vote in the current poll as well.

I realize I haven't really done a great job of advertising this all if you have friends who are interested in this kind of art, by all means, please push them this way...I aim to please by providing some of the best content available out there to match some of the most varied tastes ;p

Lots more to come in this month and in 2011!

Thanks again for all the support!

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