Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Side note

Just FYI, I'm very aware that I'm very much behind posting some older (and more recent) commissions - and I will be working to rectify that as soon as possible in the near future.  I'm coming to accept the fact that I don't need a dissertation of explanation with every post - some pics are just better by themselves - no need to get overly detailed on the background for all of them ;p

Will also be posting details on the second art contest very soon - all entries for the current one are due by midnight tonight (pacific time - about 3 more hours).  I won't be staying up that late obviously - not with my work schedule, but anything that shows up in my box will be accepted.  Will also be posting a poll for viewer's choice tomorrow - and by tomorrow night I should have my own choices made for the winners of contest 1.

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