Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pink-Diapers - The Bus Stop

One I've been sitting on for too long - too much trouble to come up with a  write up for every commission.  Let's just say while I like some AR, I really like AB a lot more - particularly with clothing and mental changes.

If it's not your type of thing....cool - that's why I put it all under the break.

Great piece Pink-Diapers worked on for me (expect more in the future from her)!


  1. This is a good series, but didn't you post this before?

  2. I've posted it at the Process forums and one or two other message boards (back when it was first completed), and PD posted it on her DA gallery, but it's never been up at this site. It's part of a backlog of older commissions (most of which were previously posted at The Process), that I'm finally uploading to this blog.

  3. well, then I am wrong. I am sure I saw it before, though :)

  4. Love this series!