Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Art Contest 1 - Poodle Girl - Results!

Well, there turned out to be fewer entries than I was hoping for - but I'll admit the scope of the contest probably limited the number of folks really interested in it.  That said, I couldn't have asked for better entries - truly some classy work by some great artists.  My hat's off to all of you.

It's a hard decision, but the winners are:

First Prize:  Mrpersonperson with his stunning flash work.

Second Prize:  Engineskye with his 80s outfit gone all wrong.

Third Prize:  FurCo with his excellent photomanips of furry vengeance.

Now comes the part when all the rest of you need to participate - I've set up a poll - and at the end of one week, the entry with the most viewer votes will win an additional prize!  Vote Early (but please don't vote often - this isn't a Democratic constitutency ;p) - please just one vote per person.

Stay tuned for details on the next art contest!  And thanks so much for playing.

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