Friday, March 3, 2017

Donation Art Update - "The TransRepo Effect"

After years of working with Powerman2000, I finally have the opportunity to feature his beautiful expansion art as a part of the donation project.

It's been too long since we featured some serious new expansion work on the Donation Art page and Powerman2000 is just the artist to provide it.  Utilizing some of my favorite plant based tfs and expansion concepts, Powerman2000 has provided a beautiful, gorgeously colored comic featuring none other than TransRepo Industries - and their genetic planting grounds.  College students who  plan on conducting industrial espionage or undercover journalism...should probably dress appropriately.

18 full color pages in a high quality pdf file.  Three multi-page transformation/expansion sequences.  Some nudity.

"The TransRepo Effect" is an 18 page comic available for a small donation of $7.50 - 1/3 of which will go directly back to the artist while the rest will continue to fund new art!  Thanks for the support and let's make 2017 a great TransRepo Year!


  1. One question- who did the script? Because while I love powerman's art, his dialogue sounds like a poorly-coded markov generator, and I can just never enjoy any of the comics he writes himself because the bad dialogue hurls me out of the fantasy like I was loaded on a trebuchet...

    1. While I won't say that's an unreasonable question, I have found him very easy to work with regarding edits, etc. However, on this case, I will admit to having been very busy with a lot of other things going on simultaneously and I was not able to make the time to go through it with him as much as I would have liked. That said, on the whole, I don't think it's bad.

    2. Hmmm. "Markov Generator"...ill havta remember that one.
      But nah! I just use my weird brain to make dialogue i personally found to be cheeky!
      Guess i dont have a future in being a novelist. Damn! I was really looking to take Tolkien down a peg or two!

      Oh well. Im sure thrandrall has the unscripted version as i gave him several builds of the project.