Saturday, December 12, 2015

Caption Challenge Results!

I'll admit, I was kinda busy the last few months with work and some online courses - otherwise I would have done a bit more advertising for this contest.  Even so, I'm grateful to have received some excellent entries.  The topic was pretty broad, but I think all the entries met the basic concept pretty well.

So let's begin:

Best single [character] caption.  Definitely this one by Jezebel.  Excellent picture selection, well-formatted - very sweet overall.

Best group caption.  TG-Spain submitted the only one, but it's a great concept and the picture fits really well.

Lastly for best sequence, TheUnthinker sent in several, but I really like the concept of the Regression Virus - particularly with the physical changes (working on a few similar concepts at the moment).

Now, to be perfectly honest, in spite of these excellent entries, none of them really jumped out at me visually or as a single standalone image - so I won't be awarding those prizes this time around.  Thanks to the participation though, I will be able to send $50 to support Rachel's Haven as well.

I'm not yet sure about contests for 2016, but if I do run more, they'll be announced here and elsewhere.

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