Friday, August 7, 2015

Field Trials Interim - Poll

So, we've reached the point where we handle the next poll - and it's up to you to decide which way we go with this.

Obviously we have the possibility of exposing Chief of Security Rhonda McCampbell to JY89BR or HE36YU (right and center characters respectively).  

However, looking at TransRepo Industries recent lines of testing, we have a few other options available:

Exposure to substance from Parallel D4E - no idea what specific effect it'll have on her but we have some previous indications.

Cosmetics Testing - it turns out that just as the Beauty Department is looking for a cheap, rapid means of producing high-grade ambergris, Custom Biologicals may have a solution (of sorts).

Agricultural Operations Support - multiple options available, leave a comment.

Agricultural Production Support - again multiple....if similar options :)

So please feel free to vote, leave feedback, etc.  If you can't see the poll, enable permissions for the site.

And please be ready to put your money where your mouth is on this project - the more donations, the more arts in the sequence!

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