Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Posting Extravaganza!

Well folks - been an interesting Halloween - first one back on the mainland for a while...maybe not that long...but different stuff going on other years.  I've put together a number of new projects with new and familiar much so in fact...that I think I'll save some of it for posting this weekend as well.

Partly to savor the weekend - and partly because I'm tired.  Long week and today ran a little late with errands and other things tonight (not to mention watching the Directors Cut of Nightbreed on blu-ray - look for a review at the sister blog very soon).

Still...plenty of goodness for tonight...just take it in slowly...

First up - from blackshirtboy - not sure how...but apparently Max regained his normal form after the last Fashion Pageant.  Not sure why he would choose to do his Halloween shopping at La De Baucherie Magique....maybe he's just a glutton for punishment...or maybe it was a free gift?

Next, we have a piece by new artist DogGirlKari - an up and coming TF artist with some real talent. 

Not sure if Candy has been stacking the "pet" costumes in the wrong section of the costume department.

Last, we have a long-overdue addition to the "Growing Up Gecko" project.  I believe this party shot comes from Mac and Meg's college years.  It appears themed, paired costumes were popular periodically (or will be....since it's technically the future)...Of course Mac seems to be enjoying the concept a lot more than Meg.

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