Monday, February 24, 2014

Discussion - Looking for Suggestions, etc.

I've been giving it some more thought recently - and I think that I will need to handle the next several Donation Project pieces a little differently than the previous ones.

Basically - as I've mentioned before, the next several in the pipeline are *very* big...we're talking about a couple pieces each over 40 full-color comic pages.  Now...I don't want to price myself out of the market...I'm thinking $10 is a very fair price - considering the amazing amount of work it took to put these together and the amount of time involved - not to mention that as part of the donation project - more than 30% of each project is going back to the artist(s) involved.

However, as a result, I'm more than a little concerned about the possibility of something this big getting randomly "shared" elsewhere.  I'm almost certainly going to work with a .pdf format this time for readability - as well as security.  That said, I'm posting a poll - I'm researching options for publishing on demand as well.  Would you ever be interested in a hard copy version of one of these projects (or one already posted) - or just an e-version?  Looking for some honest feedback here - as detailed as possible - particularly for folks who've gone that way with their own projects.

FWIW - I also know that my projects tend to not be as "dirty" as a lot of other pieces - even with the amount of transformations I try to fit in.  I know that's to my tastes, but not necessarily to everyone elses...not that it'll necessarily change...I like to be able to offer something that's not complete porn.

I'm familiar with (and researching), IndyPlanet, and Ka-Blam - but if anyone has any other suggestions or previous experiences, I'd sure like to hear them.  I'm pretty sure I'll still be working with direct paypal support the way I have before, but this might serve as a nice alternative.


Completely separate...I finally got around to starting my next associated blog - TransRepo Odds 'N Ends - for movie, etc reviewing.  Please feel free to check it out - I take requests, etc.  I've got a feeling it will probably get updated more frequently than this site.


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