Thursday, February 6, 2014

Discussion - Art Contest and Donation Artwork

At this point, now that I finally added the tab on the side of the screen for it - a reminder that we're a little over 2 months away from the due date for Art Contest #7.  Please push it to the artists you know who are interested in this kind of thing.  We got a great response last year with Art Contest #6 (much better than all the previous competitions).

Just like last year...pushing the heavy prize $$$ here for the quality pics.  Thanks.


On a side note, just wanted to throw out a thank you to a couple of recent donors for their support for the Donation Art Project.  Honestly, I've been seeing too many months lately when I have pretty much nothing to send to the artists.  It's not as though I expect to pull in a lot with these - I would have starved years ago ;p - no reliable source of income given the costs - but I will continue to provide them because I enjoy coming up with ideas and sharing them - and supporting artists in the process.  I'm happy if I can break even with a project over the period it's been posted on the site.  Right now I have at least 3 new projects planned for release this year and some other concepts loosely in the works.  That said, I continue to look on these as a way for folks to give back to an artist they enjoy even if they can't afford to commission the artist directly.  And trust me when I say that every cent I receive after the portions for paypal fees and artist support goes directly towards more art.


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