Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DMA - Board Meeting Minutiae - Part 2

Once again...a warning to the unwary....this is a more...."disturbing" sequence than most of the pieces posted here.


{Resume Playback}

"Now I know what you're all thinking - why cater to the crazies out there?   The simple fact of the matter is, we have total control the narrative at this point.  At this time, we are holding Ms. Belloc in a very secure location.  She was located and apprehended by security immediately following her breaking and entering escapade at our central Utah facility.  Although she had obviously already transmitted the previous images, she was also unable - in the limited amount of time she had - to add her own twisted commentary to any of them.  In fact, as a direct result of her own illegal actions she was hit and injured by a car while fleeing the scene of the crime." 

"Naturally our security team rendered first aid, but it quickly became apparent to them that the scope of her injuries was too much for them to effectively treat locally.  As she was injured on our property, and as is the case with all Class A2 casualty situations - reference Case #A2BXX061313-1 -  I was notified directly and made the call to transfer her to the Paris facility (following stabilization naturally)."


"Despite our best efforts to calm her, she remained largely hysterical, repeatedly screaming about not wanting to become one of our "genetic monsters" - which (despite our legal rights under the Brimwood Accord with respect to her illegal activity) was never an option - the genetic treatments never seem to take when the mind and spirit aren't aligned.  I don't believe I need to remind anyone of the Helsinki Incident in 2005."

"That said, we were quickly able to come up with a solution that I believe you will all find most satisfactory.  Granted the format was a little crude, but I think the ends justify the means in this case - and a most fitting match for the character in question.  In the presence of no less than 20 members of the legal department, we reached a binding oral agreement guaranteeing her silence in respect to the stolen images in return for an employment contract to be determined by myself - suited to her new status."


"Our surgeons were able to recover, reconstruct and reattach much of her limbs, but due to severe nerve damage we were forced to amputate a number of extremities.  Similarly, even after implanting prosthetics to replace her shattered shoulder and hip joints, the range of motion was irreversibly limited."


"Obviously, it was necessary to limit mobility from the start.  She can run all she likes when the process is complete, but the healing must be allowed to take place.  At this point, we also adjusted the vocal cords - her constant whining was becoming an irritant to the medical staff.  We may allow her some freedom on that note in the future....The surplus mammary glands should become quite useful in the role we intend for her."



"Naturally there will be some discomfort involved - much like any surgical procedure, and just like any major surgery, it is important that the patient not be permitted to cause themselves further harm - accidentally or otherwise."


"After so many weeks on a largely liquid diet, the subject, excuse me, 'Ms Belloc' - was ready to eat anything we placed before her.  As you can see, she has also become accustomed to her modified stance and posture quite readily.  It may also have something to do with the hypnotic suggestions implanted during sleep through the subdermal devices within her ears by Dr. Yuzhan - but that's not my specialty."

"And so, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board, I present to you the new face of the TransRepo Industries brand of animal shelters - 'Princess' Belloc!  Through her handlers, Princess will be the public representative of one more outreach arm of TransRepo Industries.  Please give her a hand....as you can see, she responds very well to external stimuli - just look at that tail wag....Can you do any tricks girl?  Do you know how to shake hands?  No...I didn't say 'roll over'."

{aside}"Good Lord she's stupid...are you sure you didn't tone it down too far Megan?...look at her eyes...and all that saliva.{/aside}

"Yes, I know what you're thinking - her little outfit is just for public appearances - at least until her new hide finishes growing.  We decided against the poodle look for her, didn't want to draw too many similarities between her and our primary line."

{End Recording}

Post-Script 1:
{Notes from Handler 17 assigned to Project: Princess}
"Our little lady appears to be adjusting fairly well to her new role.  Mannerisms continue developing along forecast schedule.  Coat has also grown out as expected.  Monitoring will continue."

Post-Script 2:
{Notes from Handler 17 assigned to Project: Princess}
"As anticipated by higher HQ, Princess has successfully imprinted on younger animals.  Project: Princess is suspended from public appearances until current group of animals has been weaned.  Monitoring will continue."

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