Saturday, November 2, 2013

1 Month Countdown!

Just about 30 days to go before I unveil the biggest project this site has ever seen.  Don't have much to tease you with this time around though...might just have to settle for these two images.

I don't really think either of those will spoil the surprise - but I always suppose someone could have a lucky guess - not that I'd give anything away.

Now on a separate note, just wanted to share another pic I commissioned from CoranKizerStone.  Just a simple bust shot of one of my favorite comic characters:

I've been a huge fan of this artist's amazing comic/cartoon character mash-up work.  His style is really unique and incorporates movement and just...."general coolness" so well.  Any character is instantly recognizable even though the style may differ from the traditional look.  To top it off, he's offering bust commissions like this one till 15 Nov.  I'm seriously considering a couple more of some of my other favorite characters.  Check him out!

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