Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cluedog - Light Reading

Well, it's taken a little longer than I had initially planned - but as is generally the case with these sorts of things, the wait is more than worth the results.

A few months ago, you nice folks voted on a little project - and at the time I noted that there was already something in the works fitting the results - and here it is.  The "official" first new commission for the year - distinctly TG in nature.

Cluedog and I have been collaborating on a number of new projects - and sharing an interest in different artists and styles - particularly classic/retro pin-ups and older comic art.  For this piece, I was largely inspired by Al Capp's Li'l Abner although sadly I haven't had as many opportunities to catch up on the original comics as I'd like (a situation I plan on rectifying in the short term).  For a future project, we have a Milton Caniff-inspired piece. ;p

I think you'll notice a different format in the sequence this time as well - but I like the way it turned out - always like trying something different!

I'm very happy to present "Light Reading."



  1. Nice -- much more pleasing to the eye than the metamorphosis that's actually described in that book.

    As you may already know, runs old Li'l Abner strips here, but for whatever reason, their "enlarge" feature doesn't work on Li'l Abner, and I find it almost impossible to read at the non-enlarged size. (At the very least, it gives you a good indication of just how much room for detail there was in daily comic strips, especially pre-World War II, when newspapers printed them at huge sizes.)

    1. I've read collections of Dick Tracy before as well as a few volumes of Steve Canyon (very impressed with Caniff's "Male Call" and similar pin-up quality artwork. The Li'l Abner reprints by IDW are on my "to-buy" list at amazon.

  2. Hey man, don't know if you noticed but your slides are out of order

  3. hey man, the picts are out of sequence. just a heads up

  4. No...I'm pretty sure they're all in the order I requested. It's possible they don't exactly match if they were posted differently there, but my numbered files are in the order I intended them to be in. If you have more specifics, that might help.

  5. Hey there, I think I made mention of this a while back and you were right the slides don't match what was on tg comics.

    Slide 14 and 15 should be swapped
    19 and 22 are the same and slide 20 should be slide 22.
    That is all I can see that needs to be corected. Haven't been at your site in a while. And I was feeling a bit of nostalgia and came back to see my favorite commissions here.

    You take care!