Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Caphca - Photo Shoot

Owe an apology to Caphca on this one too - she finished it for me about a month ago, but I've been trying to find just the right time to post it - and no time like the present.  Thanks for being patient ;p

It might surprise you, but Mistress Arianna actually handles a lot of advertising for La De Baucherie Magique in a fairly traditional format.  That is to say, aside from the e-store, she still takes catalog orders by mail - and in both cases...well, you gotta be able to show what you're selling...

So, periodically - a few times a year...it's time to shell out for a few local models (college students work cheap) to advertise the latest styles.

You gotta wonder though - Arianna's been around for a long time...easy to get stuck in a rut sometimes...sometimes takes a while to get up to the latest technologies....


  1. Well this certainly came out of nowhere, and is very much appriciated! Wonderful work, Caphca!

  2. awesome one, really cool concept. Is that a chicken/cow hybrid holding the tripod in the last image?

    1. That's Candy (http://transrepo.blogspot.com/search/label/candy) - Arianna's current "assistant"...

    2. I knew I had seen her somewhere before. Nice.

  3. Excellent piece. Got a little bit of everything going on, and the art is great quality.