Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Update

Slow going lately - projects still chugging along...finances a little tighter since I've got a move coming up and also looking at a replacement laptop this month - but should still see some new pieces soon.

A few notes - first off, got a few more sample pics of the next big project by Cluedog - this one will be going by the title "Common Courtesy".  These samples may give an idea of what to expect - but since it's a slow weekend - let's run down the list (in no particular order) - multiple TGs (as always), age progression, pregnancy, weight gain, shrinking, adult baby, clothing changes, race changes - may have missed a few but I think that covers most bases (and plenty more Mistress Arianna).

Next, wanted to throw out a recommendation for Okayokayokok's recent work.  He's got a number of recent comics worth checking out for a small purchase each.  Details below.

As a one-shot, his Haunted House piece - is pretty tight - pretty much an AB/AR focus, but well done with some great work on physical expressions - definitely developing well.

His ongoing comic series - the Sanderson Step-Sisters started a little slow, but is now on it's 4th issue - in about 6 months, that's pretty good for this type of material.  While it has been a little heavier on the AB/DL material for the third issue after a pretty diverse combination of expansions in 1 & 2, and TFs, the 4th one brings back a significant more expansion and TF material while pumping up the plot-line, and it looks like we can expect a good deal more variety to come.  I would also note that Okayokayokok is really responsive to feedback and if there's something you would like to address or request - he'd love to hear from you.

Lastly, his Blooberry Girl comic is still available - and 28 pages for $11 is a great deal for this material - weird though it is ;p


  1. On the child's play issue i hope that the picture before the last is not a transgendered woman, that i hope is just a dude, im worried because he has a woman-like-face. It’s really sickening and tiresome to have to have to witness tg on this site and every other transformation site. I clicked on this image thinking I will find girls only to discover this image might be having tg of some kind. This last straw for me.
    I really hope for this comic to not have any tg.

  2. Don't worry about waiting, I'll tell you right now - it's TG - just like I mentioned above - in the initial write-up.

    Not sure why you would come to a site like this and not expect TG (unless you only just found it today) - a quick look down the labels and even the front page reveal that TG is featured pretty heavily here as well as plenty of other types of transformations. I commission what interests me - regardless of what other people are looking for. They can start their own site.

  3. Although I'm not sure about your reference to "Child's Play" since I haven't used that phrase in any post....

  4. Looks like the "Sanderson Step-Sisters" preview above calls it "Issue 4: Child's Play."

    Anonymous wants girls, not TG? But TG creates more girls!

  5. Ok, my mistaken assumption - thought first poster was referring to the sample pics by cluedog. I can confirm there is no actual TG in SSS#4.