Monday, October 15, 2012

Illustrating the "Classics"

Fast responders may have noticed a new page on the bar at the top of the site - "Illustrated Stories".

Basically, this is a concept I've been thinking about off and on over the past year - commissioning some of the best artists out there to illustrate some of my favorite stories from around the interwebs...and I've finally got it ready.

Oppaiman's rendition of "An American in Hell" serves as a pretty good example of what my intentions are.  Simply put, I'm looking at a flat commission of $100 (possibly to increase) in return for 3 to 5 pictures illustrating any of the stories on the list - even ones that have already been illustrated by another artist (although I'd prefer to see all the other stories get hit at least once prior to something like that) - and eventually getting to a point where these stories - and any others that I add to the list, wind up being virtually fully illustrated.

The illustrations can either be set throughout the story (as demonstrated by Oppaiman) or focus on a single transformation (granted in some cases the entire story consists of a single transformation sequence).

Unfortunately I can't shell out large amounts of money at random for this - even if you're willing, I may not have the resources directly at hand depending on the timeframe (I'll probably add a little availability notification window to the widgets on the page).

For prospective artists, I would like to see a link to your work (unless I've already worked with you) and a simple write up of the story you plan on illustrating and which shots you intend to portray.

As in the case of my art contests (I will be announcing another one very soon!) - my contact email is thrandrall(at)

Thanks for the interest!


  1. Great idea! Really glad you're doing it. Would it be possible to group fund these? You might be more likely to find 10 people willing to pay $10 dollars than 1 person willing to pay $100. Just an idea.

  2. Is that really how you read it? I'm the one person putting $100 down for any interested artist to illustrate these stories.