Thursday, April 26, 2012

Okayokayokok - Wishing Stones

Well this is really building on a concept I first introduced in Engineskye's new donation project A Day in the LifeArianna's Wishing Stones...Available only at La Debaucherie Magique.  Not a very original concept by any stretch of the imagination - either in design or execution, but it gives me an opportunity to work with designing some TFs around "carelessly worded" wishes.  And I had fun twisting my "usual"/"expected" changes just a bit more ;p

Looking for a slightly more "interesting" line than Wishmaster...oh if ever there was a concept ripe for truly unique transformation sequences on film...and so wasted (outside of a couple good scenes).

Anyhoo, I plan on using this for future commissions - it's a handy enough mcguffin for creating a sequence without needing a ton of backdrop/characterization if you're limited in the amount of space/pages you can give to a good sequence.

And what's more, I'm happy to present my first commission by Okayokayokok - an artist (with quite the handle) whose work I've enjoyed for quite a while now but have only just had the opportunity to work with directly.  I hope to be able to work with him on a number of projects in the future!

Oh, and before I forget, check out his brand new comic - The Sanderson Step Sisters.  I highly recommend it.


Ah...I see what you did there ;p


  1. Yes yes, oh hell YES! This was awesome man. Totally different, totally random, totally fucking gold. Very nice.

  2. very cool. well done

  3. I like the poodle girl best. :)