Monday, April 23, 2012

Cluedog - I Speak For The Trees

Well, happy earth day folks...a celebration for the feel-good, self-satisfied, liberal, leftist, politicized, bs artist in all of us ;p

Ah, I kid, I kid...but seriously, where I work they actually had people putting out marked pieces of garbage that folks were supposed to pick up and turn in for prizes...littering to promote not littering?  That's the government for you...

Anyway, it's total bs in my opinion, but like so many things, it did give me a great tf idea.  Thanks to cluedog, we now have the following public service announcement (yes, I know, a couple more non-original characters, but both the Lorax and Poison Ivy do "speak for the trees"):

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  1. Nice one! Thanks for posting it! Too bad we don't see the "litterer" transform as well.