Friday, December 23, 2011

*Update* - Growing Up Gecko - Snareser

As long as I’m posting updates, I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of new character pics Snareser has done for me on the “Growing Up Gecko” page.  Of course one pic is just another gorgeous pic of Mac and Meg – classy as always!  The other pic however, is something that’s taken me far too long to get to – a series of reference character pics for other supporting characters in their universe – who will play a significantly larger part in the eventual story as I piece it together

I’m very happy to present the first images of Dr. Margaret Athena aka “Momma” and the Rt Rev Ignatius Loyola Bismarck – “Father Iggy”.  Their general looks should remain much the same initially, but the ages will change throughout the course of the story.  Not much background to put out at this time – but noting the sign behind them – the story takes place mostly in the vicinity of the planet of New Halicarnassus in the Doric system – specifically around the Halicarnassus Institute of Scientific Development and Learning (HISDL) where Dr. Athena conducts research and teaches.

Please check 'em out and leave some feedback!

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