Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One more preview!

Apologies for the break in updates folks.  A lot of things going on with work and I'm still waiting on a few deliveries.  Not to worry though...more is still coming.

Here we do have another small sampler pic to whet your appetite from Cluedog's next project!

After the break for a wee bit of adult imagery!


  1. It's age stuff, not really my cup of tea. Glad you're posting though!

  2. Actually it's just one minor character in the background of several pics who's really regressed. Most of the primary characters just undergo TG, with a few being shrunk/minor tf'd as well.

  3. Interesting, I'll keep watching, as usual!
    My main interest is TF (and I have not been dissapointed with what you posted), I'm less interested in TG/AR. But that's just my own tastes, I have no problems with you posting other stuff, on the contrary I love the fact you share all of this.