Friday, July 1, 2011

A Taste of More Things to Come

Just to show everyone I've still got projects in the works...a few more teasers.  These again are a few larger/longer projects by some amazing artists.

First up, mamabliss has multiple gallery sites - enough types of transformations to keep almost everyone interested ;p ...lately she's been working on a comic I commissioned from her a little while back - no dates yet, but it should be up on Gone All Wild pretty soon.  In the meantime, she's been most gracious about sending me a few preview pages and images - and the results are truly amazing! 

Yes, that is you-know-who in the second frame.  She does get around doesn't she.  Always nice to see Mistress Arianna in another setting...then again, government contracts can be most lucrative ;p

Next up, some sample pics from Cluedog's next project.  This one again looks amazing, and as referenced previously, is my most complicated and narrative-heavy sequence with him (and most "adult" as well).  With this in mind and given the investment by both of us, it will be a donation-project - although I'm certain that you will find the results to be more than satisfying!

Stay tuned folks!

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  1. Nice, the things to come sure look interesting.