Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Contest Entry - Wrenzephyr2

Wow!  Color me impressed.  A little over 3 weeks before the end of Art Contest #4 and we've already got the first entry.

This one comes from WrenZephyr2 - I think I'd seen art by him around before, but definitely someone to keep your eye on!

There are actually two pieces to his submission.  The first is a nice b&w pic of Mistress Arianna, while the 2nd is a great-looking TG/race-change sequence (after the break).

Edited to add description from original post

"This is his character Arianna offering one of the new items on sale at her boutique “La De Baucherie Magique”. It is an Ebonbubble Gumball. As it is chewed it turns the consumer into a "Black Beauty" as it were and they start to uncontrollably blow a bubble. Once this bubble pops so do their minds making them mentally the booty girl they had become."

Accepting submissions from now till 15 Mar!


  1. I feel sooooo EXCITED to be a part of this!

  2. I like it. Very rare to see any trans-racial Tfs, much less one into a black woman.

  3. I've done at least two previously (that come immediately to mind) - both by snareser (one's donation-only).

    But yeah, not enough in general...I should commission some more as well ;p

  4. Excellent! I like the art style of Mistress Ariana and I like racial change TFs. Great Job!!

  5. Love this one, really great sequence.