Monday, November 29, 2010

Dumb question(?) I anticipate getting in a number completed commissions in the near future...some of which will require considerably more user feedback than previously - is it possible that a primary reason for the lack of comments is that viewers aren't registered or have google email addresses - and are therefore unable to leave comments even if they are so inclined?  Or do you guys just not care about giving me feedback that can improve the quality of projects displayed here?

Considering the former reason, I have - for the time being - changed the settings to allow anyone to post comments here.  Obviously if things go south - as is always possible, I will modify the settings again - but I hope that this will encourage detailed feedback.



  1. I'll try to give feedback.
    I don't always know what to say, that's the problem. (more on my side then, not your fault!)
    Lately there has been more size/AR art and as I prefer TF I don't comment much. Sorry !

    I'll try to comment more often, especially if the incoming pieces are TF.

    I hope people comment more as well.

  2. I would post more but I don't have an account..

  3. I rarely comment on anything, while I enjoy the art I don't have much of anything else to say.

  4. Re: anon #1 - I just recently realized that it might be the registration required to view many...unlike DA or FA or other sites...something I didn't necessarily take into account when trying to figure out why I wasn't getting much feedback.

    A few future projects though - will require a minimum number of unique comments for me to post the follow-up pics ;p...just wait and see.