Friday, April 28, 2017

Pin Up Mega Post

Still around...just been really really busy with life.  Lots of good stuff going on - but hard to stay focused here and there.

I will be doing a patreon-focused post or two (or three) in the near future, but for the moment, let's post a stack of pin-up singles I've been commissioning.  Generally I prefer the sequential art, but there are times that single pics work well and I like to support the artists.

We'll start with a couple pics from a newer artist - first time here - 13Saturn.  They've got a bit of a nifty theme - if you like bimbo or milf art at least.  Some nice animations on their page too.

One of my favorite bud-light commercials is the old mother-in-law one.  So...why not work that with a popular tv character.

 And you of my favorite animated characters could always use a little extra meat on her bones.

Next we have three pics from old favorite Engineskye.  Lately they've been a lot more active on their FA account - including some nice "pay what you want/think it's worth" commissions.  Obviously I had to get in on a few of those even if they weren't sequence pics.  I'd say it was worth it.

Last a couple more OC portraits by ImmortalTom as part of his one-off blind commissions.

Mistress Arianna - looking a little more steampunk than usual.

And of course Candy...a little clumsier than usual.

Have a great weekend. Should be able to get another page of The Rehabilitation of Princess posted too.

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