Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 22

Saturday off work - taking a walk - somewhere she hasn't been in a long time.  Time to finally say goodbye.

Story by thrandrall, art by zanfadar.


  1. Out of curiosity, when will we see some new, non-Rehabilitation of Princess content? The last diaper content (aside from the caption contest) was way back in October and there hasn't been any new donation art in forever. I'd like to spend money but there is nothing to spend it on v_v

    1. Short answer: I just commissioned a new sequence from one artist and I'm in discussions with a couple others.

      Longer answer: If you've been following the pending list - there are a number on there that still haven't moved over the last 12+ months (they know who they are) (excepting a couple that I'm working with more closely) - that have been paid for and are pending.....pending....
      Of course, there are several on there that are ongoing - just that the project is so long, it'll take a little longer to complete - four of the ones on that list are donation projects - long-form. One could potentially be posted in it's current form, but it's only about 3/4 complete and I don't like putting partial ones up.

      Longer, longer answer - I've been cutting back on some new projects simply because I need to straighten out finances as I prepare for my first career change in 6+ years later this year. Need to continue cutting away at my credit card bills even as I have a tendency to impulsively spend on a variety of projects - particularly as I'm preparing for another cross-country move, etc.

      I have a ton of ideas that I'd like to work on with folks, but I just don't like one-shots or simple ideas...everything I come up with lately needs some kind of context or whatnot and it just makes the entire thing longer and pricier....of course I'm always open to suggestions for new artists - but things are just tighter right now.