Thursday, September 10, 2015

Solios - Field Trials Interim - Conclusion

I apologize for the delays.  My work schedule has not been particularly flexible these last few days.

That said, solios has done an amazing job fleshing out this transformation - and many thanks again to the anonymous benefactor who donated enough to add 3 pictures to the final sequence.

Starting from our established image of the former facility chief of security Rhonda McCampbell.

Things started to get a little messy....Custom Biologicals is really just throwing concepts at the wall....or in this case Rhonda - to see what will stick to her double a manner of speaking.

Gotta bulk up a little first - tissue conversion, etc.

Ooooh, looks like her illegally procured implants are being rejected by the new tissue...this could get messy-ier.

It looks as though we're getting the start of organic, local ambergris production here, but the QA level isn't where Cosmetics needs it....clearly.

Now this substance is looking somewhat more promising....bonuses all around!

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