Friday, February 6, 2015

South Pacific Follies #90 (Conclusion)

"Thanks for visitin' folks.  Remember - I've got whatcha need - when an' where ya need it - even if ya don't know it yet.  I'll catch ya on th' other side."

Story by thrandrall, art by cluedog.

And that about brings our story to a close.



  1. Ah, there we go. I thought the end was around a good few months ago, but now we're here. It's a pretty fun sequence, although I definitely think that for a sequence as long as it was, three pics a week on different days doesn't seem the best.

  2. What an epic. Great work by cluedog. I thought it took a bit long for release; maybe bigger chucks would of worked better

  3. Good feedback. Maybe posting 3 or 4 frames at a time - once a week - to keep something more comic-strip themed.

    The next project (by a different artist) will involve roughly one comic page/week - so we'll see if that keeps the narrative more steady.