Thursday, December 11, 2014

Next Poll Discussion (please read before voting)

Before you vote in the next poll - should be posted shortly - I'd like you to just review this note.

Things are taking longer than I'd expected on several projects - although others are rolling along pretty smoothly all things considered.  That said....I'd like to bounce some ideas off you - specifically what you regard as fair pricing for a donation project offered through my site.

I have trouble sometimes thinking of a fair price for my material compared to what I see elsewhere.  On the one hand, sometimes it's a very large number of pages/images that I've paid a significant amount of money for up front - and a significant amount of time has been spent on each piece by the respective artists.  On the other hand, they're not my original artworks, just my concepts.

Keeping in mind that 30% of each donation price (before fees) goes directly back to the artist (or a similar percentage with the forthcoming anthology piece(s)) - and that I suck up the paypal fees in every case - please choose the options(s) - multiple options will be available - that best reflect what you'd be willing to pay for a donation art project - try using the visualization of your favorite fetish (ie. TF, TG, AB, WG, etc) and favorite artist for the max amount ;p

It's not really a big deal honestly...I've got a lot of pending projects and a ton of new ideas - I've never made much back on these (with a couple notable exceptions - most of these barely pay for themselves if that) - but they do help fill in the gaps on different pieces from time to time.


Edit - by "unique images" in the poll, I mean sequential images in a non-page format - such as "Champagne Wishes" by cluedog - NOT a gallery of unrelated images.


  1. Honestly, I'd be willing to pay as much as 20 $ for a solid piece of 40+ pages but only if it was a story or collection of smaller stories. I didn't vote for the unique images because I assumes that meant 100 one-offs which just isn't that great for me personally. I do enjoy a collection of stories though and if we could possibly see more AB/DL transformation projects in the future I'd be willing to drop money almost instantly on it. Personally I like the AB works where the "victim" isn't instantly (or even at all) mentally regressed, however is fully aware of their situation. (Bonus points for transformation sequences showing the transformation of underwear/pants into diaper rather than just an insta-zap and it's just there.) TGTF is also a great subject so long as there are sequences involved. I think a good balance of the two is the best.

    Sorry if this is incredibly specific but I figured since you were asking what I'd be willing to pay the most for I'd give you an idea. Hope some of this helps.

    1. Ok - just edited my original post to try and be a little more clear. I don't intend to just take a selection of random pics and offer them this way - but I was thinking of non-page format sequential images - such as "Common Courtesy" or "Champagne Wishes" or similar pieces - really more dependent on the individual artist/style - but generally different than the actual comic format.

      That said, I do have some ideas in the works along the lines that you just described - some are just taking a little longer to produce than originally anticipated. I hope you'll keep an eye on the site though.

    2. I actually greatly enjoyed both "Common Courtesy" and "Champagne Wishes". If that were the format you were going with I'd be willing to pay for another along those lines. I check in on the sight daily so I look forward to whatever you may produce next. :)