Saturday, March 1, 2014

Solios - Pre-Gaming the Big Weekend's too late for the big game...and it's too early for March obviously all this planning is for something different.

After the success that was "Girls Night Out", it was decided to follow it up with another get-together....a little more old school.

Candy: "Are you sure we need this much alcohol Mistress?"

Arianna: "Are you seriously questioning my purchases Candy?"

Candy: "No Mistress, it's just that well...the Gecko sisters can't drink and I'm not permitted to drink while that just leaves four of you."

Arianna: "One of whom is the size of a large farm animal...and's not a real party without some extra booze.  Sharing a drink with friends and introducing them to the finer things in life - always an enjoyable evening."

Candy: "Come to think of it...I guess we do have enough points on the frequent purchase card to cover all of these."

Arianna: "As I was saying....."

Candy: "....Too bad we left it at the shop."


Lyssa: "*Huff huff* ...and add three dozen donuts and a bakers dozen of Delilah's Dogs (sanitized) to this order....that should do it....*huff huff*"

Salesbot: "Ma'am, I must tell you that your heavy breathing is very distracting."

Lyssa: "I'm working out...just got to burn a few more calories before the party.....hold're a recording."

Salesbot: "While I may not be a fully autonomous individual, I am still programmed to feel uncomfortable during inappropriate social interactions and your disturbing behavior is activating my programming."

Lyssa: "*huff...huff* What inappropriate behavior?!?  I'm working out...."

Salesbot: "Whatever you care to call's none of my business...but I am directing your call to my supervisor."

Lyssa: "Oh for Pete's sake!"

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