Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Navetsea - Business Cowgirl

Well, I've got to say...I knew there would be a gap in posting...but it's frustrating to think it was so long, particularly when I had some very solid projects to display.

That said,  there will be some great content posts this week - but then another gap of about 2-3 weeks - but things should be pretty regular after that.

Starting to run some more projects with new artists too - some you may have seen before, others may be more unfamiliar, but they're all very talented and it's been a pleasure working with them.

Starting with Navetsea - a couple short commissions by them for this week.  The first one today.

Again...going with my standard of "benchmark" designs for new artists...always gotta run the old favorites to get the measure of the artist before digging into newer concepts :)

And of course, the full shebang in one piece.


  1. Great one, I liked it. But then I'm a TF person.
    Glad to see you're back, if only for a little while. This is exciting!

  2. Cow Girls are always nice! Keep up the good work!