Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Contest Entry - Temp-Tress

3 weeks to go in Art Contest 6 and I've got the first official entry to post.  I actually received this last week but didn't have access to post until this weekend sadly.  Keep working on those entries folks - plenty of time to get them in!

I'm happy to present a beautiful comic by Temp-Tress.

She won the bet, but I guess she should have worded those wishes a little better....

Artist: Temp-Tress
Medium: Digital (photoshop)
Scenario: Never bet with a gypsy
Title: The Lucky Rabbit's Foot


  1. I'm having a hard time believing the current voting results, oh well, the Internet is a fickle mistress.
    Let's not give up there are 3 days to go!

    Whatever the outcome of the contest your entry is my favourite. I love your work, please don't stop!

    1. Thank you very much =)