Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Art Contest 2 - Monster Mash - Results!

Wow, I went to bed last night disappointed at an apparent complete lack of entries but woke up to two wonderful surprises in my inbox.

While the number of entries decreased since the last contest - a bit of a surprise since I'd heard numerous statements of interest and certainly tried to promote it more widely than the first contest (not to mention a more general subject matter), the caliber of the entries certainly didn't drop.  Both entries are stunning pieces of work and more than worth their prizes.

First Prize: Jacques00 with The Beast Within.

Second Prize: Furmistress with her witchy TG.

Now comes the part when all the rest of you need to participate - I've set up a poll - and by midnight 30 October, the entry with the most viewer votes will win an additional prize!  Just in time for Halloween!  Vote Early (but please don't vote often - this isn't a Democratic constitutency ;p) - please just one vote per person.

Stay tuned for details on the next art contest!  And thanks so much for playing.

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