Friday, January 3, 2014

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Second Category - 1

Meg: "Welcome back everyone to the second night of the La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant."

Mac: "To clarify, we checked with Mistress Arianna, and it is in fact the first ever true fashion pageant built around her boutique.  That's not to say there haven't been any special presentations before, but nothing on this scale."

Meg: "So, making history, that's what I'm talking about.  And additionally, we are deeply, deeply sorry for the delay - technical problems on our end and all that.  Apparently a mouse was caught eating through some electrical wiring."

Mac: "Is that so?  I heard it was a hideous lizard-woman who bet the gaffers she could carry all their rigging gear with one arm tied behind her back."

Meg: "Mac, you know this is how urban rumors are started.  Would you like to hear the one about the fat, hairy frog-girl who cleaned out the caterers?"

Mac: "Ahem...not particularly.  And what's the theme for tonight?"

Mac: "That's what I thought.  Looking at Candy, I'm pretty sure we're running swimwear tonight."

Meg:  "Looks like she's just come from the pool as well."

Mac: "Well, to be fair, the studio is pretty well suited to it today.  Looks like we've made a few accommodations for the contestants.  You may have noticed it's a little warmer in here."

Meg:  "If you can't bring the pageant to the beach, bring the beach to the pageant - in January no less."

Mac: "That's right, heat lamps overhead, we've turned up the brightness a little - complimentary shades provided."  

Meg: "I do believe they've got some sort of pool or tub set up in the rear as well.  Can you tell us any more about it Gany?"

Gany: "Evening ladies - it's true, there are a few amenities added backstage.  If you don't feel like submerging yourself in the pool, there are more than a few stagehands more than ready to...hose you down."

Meg:  "Sounds like a good time...may head back myself during the commercial break to cool off.  So I'm getting a signal...are we ready to begin?"

Mac: "Starting off with Srijaya again, she sets the tone very nicely in a colorful bikini contrasting beautifully with her skin tone."

Meg: "Nice shades too.  I think both as a Balinese native and now with some reptilian features, she's really enjoying this portion."

Mac: "Speaking of which, take a good look at Claudia Calahan.  Looks like she might have taken a little too much of the hose."

Meg: "Good observation - looks like she needs to let her wings dry a little more before taking off again."

Mac: "And here now, we finally get to see Satine Ryder in her full, uncovered form."

Meg: "Well, like any horse, I have a feeling that she enjoys a good hose-down and rub-down.  She definitely won't get to take advantages of temperatures like this in London right now."

Mac: "Now this is a very daring one-piece being demonstrated by Annie."

Meg: "No kidding - with that figure she's taking some real chances.  I suspect some judicious use of adhesives."

Mac: "Rosemary Morgan may be a mother of two, but that doesn't stop her pulling out all the stops for a day at the beach."

Meg: "Good call Mac, she's wearing a complete ensemble - looks as though she may have picked up a sponsorship from the Underborough Fashion Outlets."

Mac: "This next contestant is another one who is probably enjoying this heat a lot more than you - Jezebel Allen."

Meg: "Well, I doubt Decora City gets this warm on a regular basis....ahhhh, I get're referring to the fire and brimstone type of heat...true dat."

Mac: "Jennifer Jackson is giving us a nice, classic modeling pose - great looking bikini too."

Meg: "Says on the card here that her likes include french fries and trashy novels while her turnoffs include guns and dogs - well....understandable on both of those for a rabbit-girl."

Mac: "Here's another gal taking advantage of the theme.  Maxine really seems to be benefitting from the warm, moist air."

Meg: "She's really feeling her reptilian side I'd say - that much more skin to keep damp.  I think she'd much rather be here than New Brunswick right about now."

Mac: "On the other hand, it doesn't appear as though Elsie has gotten a handle on her issues yet."

Meg: "Oh good grief, again?  Does she know how much this red carpet costs to replace?"

Mac: "Don't worry so much about it so much, enjoy the show.  Here's Theta."

Meg: "Good point.  She's modeling a different style of bikini from some of the others we've seen - pinstripes no less.

Mac: "And that brings us down to the commercial break again."

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