Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Last Category - 2

Mac: "And we're back with part two of our last night!"

Meg: "Good to be together one last time - even if it does get wrapped up faster than anticipated."

Gany: "Sometimes, things just roll a little quicker than we'd like.  On with the show!"

Mac: "She looks alluring and enticing - it's Leslie Baker."


Meg: "She kinda looks like she tripped on her heels."

Mac: "Kim Li has definitely pulled out all the stops with this look."

Meg: "Hard to believe she could get a dress to match her lips....or would that be the other way around?"

Mac: "That is a really beautiful gown Teri Beaver is modeling."

Meg: "You say modeling, I still say she should have sprung for the XXXL."

Mac: "On the other hand, Dorothea Cerviel is displaying a truly unique design."

Meg: "The fusion of classic and modern looks amazing on her."

Mac: "Margaret La Bouff is putting on a great show as well - e-cig or not."

Meg: "I was wondering when someone would pull off this outfit - awesome!"

Mac: "Now Maggie has truly figured out the proper way to accessorize for this competition."

Meg: "I'll grant you she put a lot of thought into that look - but really...no udder rings?"

Mac: "What has four legs, four breasts and looks great in a gown?"

Meg: "I give up....oh wait, do you mean Catherine Lawrence?  She does look great."

Mac: "Now Jimmie Lee looks remarkably reserved - but very gorgeous."

Meg: "Coiffed tentacles - a unique design - very classy."

Mac: "Now what a turn-around from the first night of the competition."

Meg: "Stef Roth looks amazing - really rocking it - plus size and all."

Mac: "Soooo, how many contestants do we have tonight who can grow their own corsage?"

Meg: "Pretty sure Kalina Korovin is the only one - might have to ask her for one for my next date."

 Mac: "In a bold gesture for the final night it looks like Vixen has had her lovely mane chopped off and is actually accessorizing with it"

 Meg: "I was talking to Mistress Arianna earlier and apparently, in her transformed state, her hair and fur will grow back to full length in a matter of days"

Mac: "Wow...what a great way to wind up this huge competition."

Meg: "It's been a lot of fun all around.  21 gorgeous contestants...and Gany."

Gany: "Don't mind me...I'm just the entertainment."

Mac: "So thanks for the performances, thanks for watching folks - and please, please don't forget to vote!"

Meg: "We love you all!"

Gany: "Break out the booze!"

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  1. I'd just like to say congratulations to every artist for producing an amazing collection of transformations and outfits... and a massive thank you to thrandrall for putting together such an ambitious and very successful project.