Saturday, January 4, 2014

Art Contest #7 - "Scientific Progress Goes.....WTF?"

Alright….time for the seventh Art Contest.  We had some amazing entries last's hoping we can repeat that this time around!

The new deadline is midnight 11 April 2014!   This is intended to coincide roughly with the 4th Anniversary Celebration of The Transformation Repository (there may be some slight adjustments to that end but that doesn't affect things at this time).

"Scientific Progress Goes......WTF!?!"

Basically....this is strictly a look at TransRepo Industries - and in particular their Genetics Division - although elements from other divisions or commercial/industrial elements of that corporation could be referenced or incorporated.

We've already established that they've been around for quite some time...always looking towards the future.  Some concepts have met with more success than others, while other projects are still in progress.  That said, following the attempt by Maria Belloc and EPATRI (Ethical People Against TransRepo Industries) to alert the world to their research methods...let's look at some of their failures.

The focus here is simply on genetic experimentation resulting in failure on the part of TransRepo Industries.  Technically speaking that leaves a pretty wide range of options - given their delving into projects involving a vast variety of consumer products.

Now for process here, this one will be very open to interpretation again.  The idea here only requires a minimum of 3 pictures – although more are always encouraged.  We need a before and after pic - with at least one process pic in between.

This could come from research photos, surveillance footage, even PSA (Public Service Announcement) poster formats or news stories.  Admittedly, most of these will probably be internal documents rather than public record files (unless some of the transformation failures took place outside of the workplace - delayed reactions, etc).  A favorite example (just a single pic, but works fine as a example of the final stage) is this one:

Obviously, these genetic failures could be demonstrated in many different transformation forms - whether fur/hair growth, expansions of all types, other animal/plant features, mental changes (with accompanying physical changes), mergers with different objects/materials, etc. 

I fully encourage you to share this challenge with other friends and artists you may know who don’t regularly read this site.  Any artist I have previously commissioned from – even the same subject matter – is welcome to compete, but the submission must be a new piece.

On 12 April, I’ll announce three winners – First prize $200, second prize $150, third prize $100 – cash prize from me to you via paypal.  From our previous contests...if we have enough entries, there will also be a Viewers Choice Poll with a prize of $50 - that's $500 in total prizes!

Now the hard and fast rules (no real changes here):

1. All work must be the original work of the person submitting it.  No exceptions.

2. Sequences must be at least 3 pictures long.  There is no upper limit to the number of pictures and additional consideration will extended for additional effort.

3. Any medium is accepted – pencils, ink, paint, digital art, CGI renders, photomorphs, etc – or any combination of mediums.

4. All submissions should include the following information (which will also be posted with the picture): artist name, medium(s), scenario (if applicable), sequence title (optional) – and any other additional information you think is relevant.

5. Subjects must be adults – at least 18 – NO exceptions!

6. Any artist may submit as many sequences as they wish.

7. Unlimited revisions are allowed during the submission period.

8. No copyrighted characters are permitted (unless they're your own characters). This means no anime, videogame, movie, comic/manga characters, etc. 

9.  By entering a submission, you are automatically giving permission for me to post it on the site clearly labeled and identified as an art contest entry – and although I would prefer to avoid it, if the artist wishes to remain anonymous, I am amenable to posting their entries in that fashion.

10.  Submissions should be addressed to me: – subject line should contain the artist’s name and that it is intended as a submission for the Art Contest.

Additional Guidance:
a. Upper body nudity is permitted but should not be excessive. Lower body nudity will be frowned upon. Sexual activity is right out. (This is a great opportunity to try out some new poses or stances).

b. Constructive criticism by others is encouraged in the comments section, but *should* be accompanied by suggestions on how issues might be addressed, improved, etc.

c.  Backgrounds or scenarios are optional but also encouraged.  (accompanying write-ups, flavor text, etc).

Have at it!


  1. Is this just for photomanips

    1. There's no requirement for photomorphs - see rule #3. I just used that pic as an example of something that would work really well.


  2. I think I will submit photomanipulated artwork to this competition.


  3. I finally came up with an idea. Hope I have time to draw it up!