Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Fashion Pageant - Post-Script

Well, meant to do this a little sooner, but been busy - as usual - if in a different manner than other times.

Just wanted to collect and display a few pics that didn't make it into the final posting version of the pageant - some, but not all of these have previously been posted, but I figured they deserved their own section.

First we have Jezebel Allen re-creating the moment she first received her invitation to the pageant.

Next we have the full sequence of Rosemary Morgan's transformation in a single pic.

And for a truly unique look, we have an animated version - in b&w. (at least this looks like it's posting properly for once).

Also a single image for the full rendition of Annie's transformation by oppaiman.

A larger rendition of Maggie's transformation by solios.

Caphca came up with some concept art of Theta's full look before the transformation piece.

And a larger version of her transformation too.

Lastly, a great rendition of Elsie by Mamabliss.  I realized too late that I forgot to include a talent competition in this pageant (there's always next time) - but Elsie will play us out tonight!

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