Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Last Category - 1

Mac: "Well folks, it's been a heckuva ride, but it looks like things are winding up tonight."

Meg: "It is the last night, but we are going out with a bang."

Mac: "That's not necessarily the most appropriate term to describe a night displaying evening gowns - but this will be quite the party.

Mac: "Cheers to us!"

Meg: "That is non-alcoholic right?"

Mac: *sigh* "Yes....just juice."

Meg: "Good, because you know how we get with alcohol."

Gany: "I'm ready to party!...but I can wait till the wrap party."

Mac: "That's good to hear.  We don't need another display like last night."

Meg: "And just in time, here comes Candy - looks like we're in for a really beautiful display tonight.  This La DeBaucherie Magique Fashion Pageant is a real winner."

Mac: "Soooo, we're all set for the final catwalks tonight.  And we're starting with Srijaya."


Meg: "A simple but elegant gown to start with - the low-cut back leaving space for her wings is very appropriate."

Mac: "Seems like Ms. Claudia Callahan is demonstrating a similar outfit - but then she also has wings."

Meg: "Oh my eyes, 'Ze goggles, zey do nussink.' - Wow!  Love the sequins."

Mac: "An elegant and classy look - Satine Ryder is demonstrating a very classical look."

Meg: "Her selection of jewelry and accessories is a fine set of complementary details."

Mac: "Annie is using a high-slit design of gown.  Well designed for her frame."

Meg: "I love the look of that busty gown.  Looks like a very fitted front - custom....but then all of these designs are 100% custom and all the better for it."

Mac: "Sultry and ravishing...Rosemary Morgan has pulled out all the stops for this final night."

Meg: "If I had that much hair, I'd go with a style like that as well - beautiful look."

Mac: "This is what I would expect for a younger model.  Jezebel is showing a much shorter design than most of the other contestants."

Meg: "With those long slim legs, the dress and stockings are an excellent match - the ideal little black dress."

Gany: "Almost...but not quite too "little" ladies.  There were some questions backstage, but apparently the hem is just long enough for the category."

Mac: "Now Jennifer Jackson's dress has some different features too.  At first I thought those were fingerless gloves, but it turns out those are partial sleeves attached under the armpit."

Meg: "Definitely a unique look - suits her very well."

Mac: "Maxine is going with a full length design this time.  Much more modest compared to her lingerie entry."

Meg: "That is quite the hourglass look - a very smooth fitting outfit."

Mac: "Well, it's a good thing that this is the last night.  I just saw the carpet cleaning bill for the last four nights - and an estimate for tonight."

Meg: "Honestly...at this point - I don't even care about the milk any more - but Elsie looks really good tonight.  She should look more confident though."

Mac: "Here's our last contestant before the break.  Theta is going with a classic, vintage look."

Meg: "The girl is rocking it old school - rear-tie and all."

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