Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Solios - An Accident Waiting to Happen (Day 1)

The following transcript is excerpted from routine surveillance recording of TransRepo Industries Yakima Valley Facility, Industrial Decontamination Chamber M39 on the date 28 July 2014 - following the incident hereafter designated Case #I3AXX072814-1.  All involved parties are official employees of TransRepo Industries and are consequently entitled to full medical treatment and benefits - although final disposition is dependent on the legal findings as to their culpability in a hazardous chemical spill.

Red: "Sooooo, you're the noob they let operate a class 3 mechanical transporter in the HazWaste Department on her first day....figures."

Blue: "It was a forklift....oh wait, that's what you said.  'Sides....I got plenty of hours...in the simulator."

Yellow: "Ease up on her Blondie....everyone's gotta start somewhere."

Red: "Like I really needed to deal with this BS on date night....who knows how long we're going to be in here?"

Yellow: "Well, did anyone catch a good read on the symbols from those barrels?"

Blue: "Honestly, I didn't really recognize any of the symbols - the number strings were pretty long and if those were letters, it wasn't a romanized alphabet."

Red: "Well....sounds like we got a college gal here too.  What else did you learn on Daddy's dime before you showed up here?  Did they teach you not to pull out once you punctured a hermetically sealed container?"

Yellow: "That's what she said!......yeahhhh I still got it."

Blue: "Guess I just panicked.  Sorry."

Red: "And now you've got whatever was in that drum all down your front."

Yellow: "Coulda been worse....she could have slipped on her ass....or just decided to lie down and roll around in it....and maybe ya shouldn't have been sneaking a smoke in the corner."

Red: "Whatever tweaker.....take a chill pill."

Blue:  "Is anyone else getting a tingly feeling all over?"


  1. This certainly looks to be good. Can't wait for the next installments.

  2. Did you have a day 0 image before any changes ?

    1. This is essentially Day 0 as per your description. There have been no physical changes at this point. You can just see the wet spots where they were sprayed.

  3. I just realized, "Yakima Valley" facility....I LIVE in the Yakima Valley! Uh oh.

    1. I wouldn't be too worried - I'm *pretty* sure they were talking about the *other* Yakima Valley.