Monday, December 30, 2013

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The First Category - 2

Mac: "And we're baaaack!"

Meg: "That's right folks, the night is only half done here."

Mac: "You still with us Gany?"

Gany: "I'm not going anywhere.  I think I'll trip on my dress if I try and move."

Meg: "You know it's called a sari."

Gany: "Fine...'sari' I said anything.  Here comes Leslie Baker."

Mac: "Very unique, bow-legged gait she's got there.  You'd almost think she stepped right out of a movie."

Meg: "Well, with an undergarment that bulky, it's almost like riding a horse.  You go cowgirl!"

Mac: "Hold on just a second Mac...does Kim Li look like she's having some issues with her footwear?"

Meg: "It might be because pumps like that aren't normally designed for the well-hoofed young woman - at the same time, I think she's taken the hint and is utilizing her wings very efficiently to reduce the pressure."

Mac: "I didn't think we normally allowed props on the stage, but apparently that hasn't stopped the very bosomy Ms. Teri Beaver."

Meg: "Good point Mac.  Let's hope she doesn't go from suck to blow - if you know what I mean and I think you do."

Mac: "Now this is one of the more elaborate designs we've seen tonight.  And that's not a bad thing."

Meg: "You can say that again... Dorothea Cerviel exemplifies the Rose of Versailles.  Stunning look!"

Mac: "Margaret La Bouff is next on the runway.  She's one of the few contestants with an official sponsorship - it says the "Lucky Farm Dairy" here."

Meg: "Sooooo, you could say she's playing Anne Bovine.....then again, that one's weak - even for me."

Gany: "Leave the jokes to Mac - she's got the brains for it."

Mac: "And on that's Margaret Eloise Studebaker-Ormsby."

Meg: "I call her Maggie for short."

Mac: "I'd say the hippie look definitely looks good on her - not many folks can pull it off."

Meg: "True.  I don't think you're allowed to be nostalgic for the 60's unless you were actually there - and she definitely counts (I think she was actually pushing 40 at the time - the first time that is)."

Mac: "Don't count the other contestants out yet.  Catherine Lawrence is definitely in the game."

Meg: "When in Rome....a funny thing happened on the way to the forum...."
Gany: "Technically, that may be a classical Greek toga, but I can't claim to be an expert."

Mac: "Now, Jimmie Lee is coming down the lane.  We don't normally get the amphibious types at these types of dry shows."

Meg: "Are you sure?  I think she'd look pretty comfortable with a dry martini.  I can't imagine smoking with gills though."  

Mac: "Pretty sure that's a prop Meg.  This is a strictly non-smoking event."

Meg: "Don't be such a killjoy Mac.  E-Cigs are allowed in the building - and besides, I like the glamorous look."

Mac: "Wow....I gotta say it, Stef Roth makes a beautiful geisha."

Meg: "She's got the look down, but her attitude is missing something.  Slouching like that she's clearly lost out on the chance to win some major points with the parasol fetishists in the audience tonight."

Mac: "From the land of dikes and tulips Kalina Korovin...again, generally a break from tradition since we have so few stationary contestants, but I believe she's actually resting on a platform being pulled down the runway by.....trained butterflies."

Meg: "Interesting....serious question...animal, vegetable or mineral?"

Gany: "Does it matter at this point Meg?  She's a serious contender.  I am impressed we were able to rig any sort of corset on her bosoms at all - industrial strength or otherwise."

Mac: "And here is the last contestant for tonight.  Cecilia Zorra is one of the few contestants actually dressing in an outfit from her local region."

Meg: "She's doing the dress justice, but I don't see her dancing in those heels anytime soon.  Though I sure wouldn't mind seeing her try."

Mac: "And with that last display, we'll call it a night."

Meg: "Thanks for being a great audience.  Say good night Gany."

Gany: "Good night Gany."

Mac: "Oh you tease......Don't forget to vote everybody!  Poll's on the left side of the screen."