Monday, January 6, 2014

Fashion Pageant Contestant Costume/Traditional Poll Results

Well folks, thanks for voting for the first round of fashion designs - the polls are closed - and the results can be found after the break.  It looks like the La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant is well and truly underway - I'm pretty sure Mistress Arianna's got some big surprises planned for us in the near future.


It's pretty clear that Rosemary Morgan is the winner of this contest with 77 votes.  Congratulations to her for a very snazzy New Wave look..


Coming in 2nd place with 66 votes is Satine Ryder with a traditional - that is to say classic - style.  Folks don't normally win points for modesty in a competition like this, but it sure didn't hurt her. 

And finishing up the top three for this first night with 47 votes is Kalina Korovin.  Everyone loves a busty milk-maid.

Full voting results are here:

Thanks to everyone who voted - I was hoping for more votes - need to keep getting the word out.  Best of luck to all the contestants as the fashion portion continues - part 3 will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. My only suggestion on getting more votes would be to include the contestant's name in the poll (maybe in parenthesis), or the artist's name in the post along with the contestant. As it stands the person voting either has to remember from the transformation sequences, or click the contestant's name to find their TF sequence and the artist's name.