Thursday, January 9, 2014

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Fourth Category - 2

Mac: "Welcome back to the second half of this very sexy night."

Meg: "Yep, plenty more very revealing gals to reveal!"

Mac: " you gonna take off that trench coat yet."

Meg: "Nope.  I'll give you a peek though."

Mac: "Oh my gracious!!!  Well I never."

Meg: "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Mac: "Momma would be so ashamed of you."

Meg: "Please, she's the one who suggested it - she knew it'd get a rise out of you."
Mac: "Ahem...enough of that.  How're you doing Gany?"

Gany: "Ohhhhhh my head.  Feels like I've got buffalo in there."

Meg: "Not seeing any more pink elephants?"

Gany: "I swear, that's the last time I drink......on a live feed."

Mac: "I guess we can settle for that.  Moving on to the contestants again - Leslie Baker has once again proved me wrong.  I didn't think she could ever make adult undergarments so sexy."

Meg: "Soooo, that's another $20 you owe me - these bets are really piling up.  Gotta love that booty - padded or otherwise!"

Mac: "And Kim Li is now modeling a beautiful ensemble - strikingly colored, but again, appropriate for a succubus."

Meg: "And how...I think she'll have to beat her victims off with a stick."

Mac: "Now here's a gal who also picked up the wrong size - it could cost her some votes."

Meg: "Now I think you're the one who's been drinking.  If anything, this will score Teri some real points.  Plus...I'm pretty sure that's the largest size they make."

Mac: "Her previous outfit notwithstanding, I wouldn't have considered DorotheaCerviel a 'naughty girl' - but it seems that everyone is out to prove me wrong tonight."

Meg: "Wow - she has put a lot of work into that look.  It's a very ornate combination - and a very attractive combination - the 'geisha revisited'.

Mac: "For a delicate lady....Margaret La Bouff is going for something very daring as you think she forgot we want to ask her to turn around?"

Meg: "It sure couldn't hurt.  But then again, this isn't pay per view."

Mac: "'Maggie' appears to be modeling an outfit from her youth - I've seen a few pics of her as a young woman....and she did have the pinup figure back then as well."

Meg: "Believe you me, they didn't make that combination in her size 60 years ago."

Mac: "Catherine Lawrence's new matching ensemble gives us a new definition for 'Pretty in Pink'."

Meg: "I really like what she's doing with that look.  Certainly taking full advantage of multiple legs and breasts."

Mac: "Please, someone remind Jimmie Lee that this isn't a striptease.  We'd all prefer that she not remove any elements of her outfit while she's on the catwalk."

Meg: "Speak for yourself.  She's just teasing the fellows by pulling off a single's all about the anticipation."

Mac: "OK, here's a big girl who's not afraid to let it all hang out.  I can dig Stef Roth's look."

Meg: "Yeah, you big girls really gotta stick together...I do like the variety of trendy shades she's been exhibiting for each category though."

Mac: "We're almost done for tonight, but I wouldn't count the last couple of gals out - if history is any indication."

Meg: "It appears that Kalina Korovin has gone for a custom design perfectly tailored to her unique figure.  It remains to be seen how well it will go over though."

Mac: "And here with the final entry tonight is Vixen - who appears to be modelling a set from the 'Blushing Brides' collection."

Meg: "It certainly makes me blush - and it appears that she's been progressively shaving some of her fur off - I've never seen a fox tail that looked quite like that."

Mac: "Wow...what a night.  I think everyone's pretty much out of it now."

Meg: "Are you kidding - and miss the after-party?  This is gonna be the night."

Mac: "I think I'll save it for the final night - evening-wear has always been more my thing.  How about you Gany?"

Gany: "zzzzzzz...."


  1. teri will win this one

  2. Wish I could cast a write in vote for Gany

    1. Maybe she'll be allowed to participate in the next Pageant, but rules didn't work out that way this year. :(