Monday, January 6, 2014

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Third Category - 1

Meg: "Welcome to the third night of the La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - this is shaping up to be a really interesting competition so far.  What do you think Mac?"

Mac: "mmmm mmmmm mmmm"

Meg: "I couldn't have said it better myself.  What's the theme for tonight?"

Mac: "mmmm mmmmm mmmmm"

Meg: "You know, I sure hope you didn't just say what I think I heard you say."

Mac: "mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm"

Meg: "You know you don't get to speak until you make the proper safe signal.  It's not my fault if you can't tie a sheepshank knot with your tail."

Mac: *zip* "Seriously Meg?  You need a hobby.  Nothing to worry about here folks - frankly, I'm not sure she knows the definition of bondage."

Meg: "Bondage....bandage...whatever."

Mac: "Ok, so tonight we're taking things in the opposite direction from the last competition.  This time - we've propped the backstage doors open with a couple of Meg's barbells and issued some blankets to the audience - hopefully we can make up some of what we spent on heating and lighting last night."

Meg: "How are you feeling down there Gany?"

Gany: "The draft can be a little chilly, but I'm feeling strangely snug under this cape.  You did say it was fake right?"

Mac: "That's right, it's 100% faux fur."

Meg: "Don't tell her how many fauxs we had to kill to make it!"

Gany: "What was that?  I didn't quite catch that last part."

Mac:  "Never mind looks like Candy is coming down the catwalk now - so clearly we're on a mixed theme tonight - fur outfits and/or tight, shiny outfits.  A mixed bag really, but they seem to be popular with a lot of people - not least with the weather being what it has been this year."

Meg: "They're popular with me - I'm snugger than a bug in a rug in this coat.  I bet Srijaya feels almost this good too....but looking at her now....I'm not sure she wants to feel so comfortable."

Mac: "Good point Meg, it looks as though she might be exhibiting a bit of a masochistic streak with those leg irons - and it also looks as though the fur tufts are limiting the use of her hands - nice boots though!"

Meg: "Now here comes Claudia fluttering gracefully along.  I didn't know Santa had such a sexy little helper."

Mac: "Thematically it fits very well even if the date doesn't quite match up this time - sure hope I'm on the nice list this year."

Meg: "Wow!  It looks as though SatineRyder is really pulling off a mixture of sugar and spice and everything nice her outfit."

Mac: "Fur and latex legwarmers on a centaur - you know that took a bit of effort to slip into that gear - looks like the wardrobe crew made it out with just one broken leg and a sprained shoulder."

Meg: "Annie's outfit is following an interesting theme - playing on her cowgirl status neatly."

Mac: "Too true Meg...I'm also seeing the beginning of a trend here...make sure the medical crew is standing by - I don't think we want to be responsible for any cases of frostbite here - or nipple chafing."

Meg: "No chance of that here - Rosemary's coat looks positively toasty....and....alive?"

Mac: "According the manual, it's made of an unnameable creature from the Brak'Hur'Oth Plains."

Meg: "Manual?  What manual?  Gimme back my comic book.  You didn't even ask....and look, you bent the spine!"

Mac: "Back to the contestants...more important than your stupid comic anyways....and here is Jezebel - she's gotta be taking it harder than a lot of the other gals - but she's a trooper."

Meg: "Yeah, looks like she's really toughing it out with that cute jacket - love the hood!"

Mac: "It sure doesn't look like the chilly weather is bothering JenniferJackson - she's positively bouncing down the catwalk."

Meg: "Well as a rabbit-girl, she does come with her own fur coat.  Can't say she's not doing that catsuit justice all the same!

Mac: "Now Maxine is also cutting a fine figure in an enormous coat - I like the well-planned tail slit - but she's another contestant who's got to be taking this a little harder than many of the others."

Meg: "I like the spiked boots - very sexy - and kinky.  Gany, didn't you talk to Maxthine earlier?"

Gany: "Well, she asked to borrow my moisturizer...apparently they ran out of chapstick and lip gloss backstage and had to make an emergency run to the Bath Shoppe....I guess most of the ones stocked backstage were provided by La De Baucherie Magique - and some resulted in additional 'side effects' - on at least a couple of the makeup girls so far."

Mac: "Well, it might just be me...but ouch...Elsie's outfit looks a little painful."

Meg: "Don't be such a prude Mac....those hoses are attached to valves in the suit, they're not running directly into her teats.  It only took us three nights to figure out a way to keep the carpet dry.  Believe you me....with the ambient air temperature tonight, we really dodged a bullet."

Mac: "Theta is looking very comfortable in her getup as well.  She's positively beaming."

Meg: "She is Lithuanian after all....compared to that part of the world, this is a warm spring day."

 Mac:  "And with that...we're taking a commercial break.  I think I need to find a hot water bottle to slip down this suit."

Meg: "No more talking"  *zip*

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