Friday, January 31, 2014

Discussion - Check This Stuff Out II

I've put out a post like this [at least once] before - but I didn't think it had been quite so long ago.  Kinda disappointed with myself considering the huge time's the sort of thing that deserves at least an annual post to highlight new releases, updates and other projects.

So, with the expanded roster, I'm going to tackle folks in alphabetical order.  Honestly...more focused on folks I've worked with more if you know folks on the Artist List who have similar side projects (even if they haven't been featured as recently), feel free to comment and I can add them once I check them out.

blackshirtboy - now has his own original art site at (you guessed it)

You probably saw some ads for original comics featured during the recent Fashion Pageant commercial breaks.  Well, I can definitely tell you that if you're a fan of TG or TF themed original work, BSB's original pieces are well worth the funds.  Some excellent styles and a variety of comic formats - he's continuing to develop as an artist and all these pieces work really well!  You can also follow his new art posts at FA and DA (and possibly other sites soon).  I hope to be able to work with him on some new projects this year as well.


cluedog - as always, a continuing source of beautiful artwork - I just want to highlight a couple projects. 

First off - the very tight "Opey the Warhead":

Available for purchase here - and now out in Italian!  The touching story of a boy and his bomb...wait...he is a bomb!  No explosions yet, but plenty of great coming of age situations - all in cluedog's amazing art style.  Nobody has a better grasp of facial expressions and emotion IMO.

You can also check out her excellent TG stylings in the Supermodel Transformation Kit - available exclusively from!  While a little explicit for my tastes, it does feature some excellent TG process artwork.

And of course cluedog does have a current donation project available - Common Courtesy.  I'm very grateful for my opportunities to collaborate on a number of ideas with cluedog this past year and we hope to be able to put out some new original art projects again this year!  DA art gallery constantly updated.


Cobalt_k - another very talented artist I enjoy working with.  He also has an ongoing comic series entitled Urgent Transformation Crisis - of which issue #7 has just been released. 

I've only picked up the first six issues so far, but good news!  You can read the whole story on his comic site too!  Great concept with a lot of different transformation designs and styles thrown in with an ongoing plot.  Highly recommended!  Also posts art regularly at FA and DA.


Jitensha - I've done a few projects with her so far with another on the way.  She's put out a number of standalone comics as well through her personal site and store.

Obviously there are a couple comics preceding MPGF3 - but all worth a look IMO - although again...a little more explicit than I like - the variety of transformations is excellent!  A very prolific artist she has a number of different sites, although I generally just follow her through DA.


Mr-DNA - a very talented artist I try to work with at every opportunity.  His Rosemary Morgan OC came close to sweeping the awards at the recent Fashion Pageant as well....too close ;p  - Rosemary's a featured character in the ongoing comic The Underburbs:

This is a seriously awesome ongoing series.  Very funny, excellent writing, excellent humor and a great use of classic (and modern) horror tropes and styles.  I cannot recommend this series enough - heck...I bought the TPBs AND all the individual books - I love it that much.  Mr-DNA's art is just the very tasty icing on an amazing cake.  Mr-DNA also posts a ton of art on his own DA page - some amazing gothic lolita sequences among many, many others.


okayokayokok - a very detail-focused artist, okayokayokok has become very prolific with his own digital comic series the last couple of years or so.  I haven't had as many chances to work with him yet as I'd like to - largely an issue with schedule conflicts, but I look forward to working with him more in the future.  Unlike a lot of the other artists here, he specializes in AB/DL art as well as expansion/wg art - but isn't afraid to dive into heavy TF/TG material either.  A simple review of his self-published projects over the period will show some excellent development and growth in plotting and framing.  MCGE (below), The Size of the Blueberry (3 issues), The Sanderson Step-Sisters (7 issues so far - ongoing), multiple Christmas and Halloween-themed comics, and other blueberry and AB/DL projects.

You can find most comic/art updates on his DA page, but very often you can also find other updates on his blog - including a lot of otherwise un-posted WIP pics.


powerman2000 - I've been able to work with him on a variety of projects so far and I've got a few more in the hopper as well.  A great artist for some very sexy expansions and transformations.

powerman2000 has his own solo-site for original art as well - otakusquid - honestly I haven't checked it out in detail yet - but if you like the style of his work on my site and in his DA gallery, I'd say it's worth a look for the price.


Sapphire Foxx - the artist responsible for my first (and so far only) animation commissions.  A very talented artist showing constant improvement over a very short period - not to mention remarkably prolific for animation production. 

No longer at DA or posting at youtube, Sapphire Foxx now has their own subscription site.  Normally, it'd be kinda weird for such a new artist...but for $5/month with at least 3 new full animations every month plus an ongoing's more than worth it!  Although I understand the reasons why right now...I sure hope I can work with him in the future to finish the story we started with Model Parent part 1 and 2.


Snareser aka StockmanArt is a buddy of mine who looks like he's got a solid thing going on right now ;p

Anti-Hero is a tight little mini-comic available for the low, low price of .99/issue at Comixology.  As a proud owner of all six issues (so far), I can tell you that this is a really cool crime/superhero concept really brought to life by Snareser's vibrant artwork.  You can also see his stylings in the recent mini-series "I Love Trouble" (iss. #6) - now available in TPB.  I do believe he has a solo project in the works as well.  Definitely looking forward to working with him on more designs in the future - he's been giving me some top-notch character concept art designs for a long-planned project - might finally see the light of day this year....(?).  Check out his amazing comic artwork at DA and some additional projects at TG Comics as well - not to mention the donation project still available exclusively here.


solios.....when this guy says he's bringing the huge...he means it.  Honestly...pretty much my go-to guy when it comes to envisioning weird ideas from scratch...and I do mean weird.  Also great on a tight schedule.  Beautiful work every time and he keeps you posted on the progress stage by stage by stage.

Side projects:  if you're looking for epic scifi and have a few hours to kill (2+), I highly recommend his epic web comic Among the Chosen.  Trust me when I say "epic" is not selling it short.  I've been reading this thing for years now.  Very well written, well designed and well thought out - even if some of it is occasionally over my head.

On a lighter note, you can also check out an extremely funny (much shorter) comic he's selling through the Process Store.  Great WG/TF humor.

We have much more joint arts planned this year as well.  Follow his comic link above or his DA gallery.


zdemian - one last artist for tonight.  This artist has a unique and very beautiful style - not only clearly exhibited through my commissions (pretty much any pic I see from him is an instant pleasure) - although really...half the fun comes from trying to interpret the pic titles and captions ;p

This time around though...just need to pimp the ongoing comic: "Lets Burn Some Muscle" - currently 50 pages in.

Another very talented artist I hope to work with more in the future.  Keep watching 'em at DA or their blog.

And that pretty much covers things for tonight - long post.  Feedback always appreciated.  Thanks for the support - on the site and with the Donation Project - your support directly supports artists.

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