Friday, January 3, 2014

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Second Category - 2

Mac: "So Meg, did you get a chance to cool off during the break?"

Meg: "If you can call it that....I certainly wouldn't call it a real pool - a hot tub at best - admittedly a little cooler than normal."

Gany: "Quit complaining - you enjoyed it when I hosed you down."

Meg: "I dunno, there's just something about being sprayed with water from someone else's nose that does it for me."

Mac: "I'm not even going to ask.  Let's get back to the contestants."

Meg: "Fine then...we're continuing with Leslie Baker again.  Is it just me or does it look like something funny is going on with her swimsuit?"

Mac: "Well, I didn't think I'd have to spell it out after her first two appearances - but she's modeling some special adult undergarments under her outfit - some folks appreciate the added bulk and convenience."

Meg: "Now it appears that Kim Li is wearing a similar outfit to the one Annie showed us earlier."

Mac: "You appear to be correct Meg.  While very attractive, I wouldn't like to speculate about how comfortable it is."

Meg: "Now, this is a design I'm not familiar with.  Do we have any precedent for this?"

Mac: "Let's see, it appears that Teri Beaver is wearing a swimsuit comprised of at least two separate bikinis - not to mention the back straps.  Gany - what's the word from the judges?"

Gany: "Good question Mac - in most cases, contestants utilize multiple matching bikinis for cases of multiple breasts.  Using multiple bikini tops (even not matching ones) for a single pair of breasts is not verboten per the current rule structure - but largely that falls to the choice of the judges themselves on a case by case basis - for the moment she's allowed to continue."

Meg: "Fine, we leave it to the votes to decide.  Let's see - Dorothea Cerviel, General of the Third Seals - interesting title - hometown really pulling out all the stops."

Mac: "Too true Meg - even an angel needs a day at the beach every now and then - to let it all hang loose and relax."

Meg: "Now this is the sort of thing we always try to encourage - a variety of classic designs - retro, vintage, call it what you will - the more the merrier."

Mac: "Well, Margaret La Bouff certainly fills out that one-piece very nicely.  It's a classic look - although I wouldn't be surprised to if it was modified just a little for her figure."

Meg: "Now Maggie is cutting a fine figure in that yellow and black number."

Mac: "'Maggie?'  You can't just give nicknames to contestants while we're on the air."

Meg: "It's cool, I asked her at the end of the first night.  Her full name's a real mouthful."

Mac: "Well, fine, if she's not's a top notch look for her - custom-made by Orca by the looks of things."

Meg: "In reference to our earlier ruling, Catherine Lawrence pulls off the dual-bikini look beautifully."

Mac: "She certainly does, although if you recall the wording, there's no contradiction in her style whatsoever - just hope she doesn't lose track of the bottom."

Meg: "Wow!  The beauty from down under.  Literally.  I think she's probably enjoying this portion of the contest more than anyone else here."

Mac: "Jimmie Lee looks gorgeous in an authentic piece from undersea - well accented by living sea-life accessories.  She may not be a true mermaid, but we're not missing much here."

Meg: "Thankfully for our viewers, Stef Roth appears to have gotten over her previous distaste for the competition.  She seems to be enjoying this portion of the contest quite a bit."

Mac: "Her attitude has definitely improved.  I can't help but see a little bit of a contradiction in her outfit though - a bikini built for sun-bathing, while her fur coat will hamper any real tanning...that and her being a ginger - not normally known for their tanning capabilities."

Meg: "Another two-bikini contestant, Kalina Korovin seems be getting some dressing assistance from a butterfly (that's not Ms. Calahan back on stage is it?)."

Mac: "I hadn't given it much consideration initially, but as our sole chlorophyll contender - Kalina may be gaining a little extra benefit from our stage modifications here tonight.  If nothing else, it's bringing out the color in her skin and hair even more."

Meg: "This is becoming a running theme, but as our contestants adjust to their new selves, we may see more changes like this - Cecilia Zorra is now going by the handle, 'Vixen'."

Mac: "A fitting name to be sure - it also looks as though she's taking advantage of the free grooming services offered to all participants - I suppose a well-groomed fox-girl is more likely to attract the voters and sponsors - she needs to look towards life after the pageant as well."

Meg: "Certainly a good way to close out the second night of this pageant.  Although we're running a little late, we fully intend to complete the rest of the nights (and voting) on schedule."

Mac: "As always, there will be voting available on the left side of the screen - but don't forget, there will temporarily be two polls up - one for the first night and one for the second night - simultaneously."

Gany: "And that does it for all of us here at the Transformation Repository - Good Night! (And Happy New Year!)"

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