Saturday, February 1, 2014

Solios - Work in Progress

A bit of a gag in the title since Solios' work here is definitely complete, but I think you'll agree it matches with the following pics :)

I've had some very large ensemble pics in the planning stages for a LONG time...and finally got down to really working on them with Solios.  Completely non-canon as far as Gecko Girls go, but I like revisiting the same characters with different looks.  I hope you enjoy these as well.

Meg: "Quit squirming!  If we can't get this on in five minutes, I'm leaving without you."

Mac: "You can't leave me here!  They're serving my favorites at the joint."

Meg: "You swore to the salesgirl you were a size 38...seriously?  On second thought...squirm harder.  Don't make me break out the body butter."

Hank: "Lookit me!  All retro and styling - I heard this used to be a popular dance.  The 'Aztec' I think they called it - early 21st century or thenabouts."

Gany: "Stand still for a moment...decisions, decisions."

Hank:  "Hurry up, remember we need to allow extra time for the shoehorn to heat up before applying."

Gany: "What?  Why didn't you plug it in yet?  I'm not gonna be late because of you."

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