Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Solios - Denacian Recaller

Cross-posted to "Growing Up Gecko".

I've been working with several different artists on ongoing character designs for the "Growing Up Gecko" saga over the last few months...need to spend more time on writing too.  I get these amazing ideas - especially while out running - reams of dialogue/details/etc - but then I lose most of it once I sit down in front of the keyboard.  While all the artists I work with are extremely capable - when coming up with a very non-human look from scratch...I enjoy turning to Solios for the initial breakdowns

Anyhoo, more biological/personal data to follow on this character - combined an originally human character/role with this alien character I already had in mind.  For the moment, all you need to know is she's a Denacian Recaller (full species designation at this time) - serving as Dean of the School of Xeno-Archaeology at the Halicarnassus Institute of Scientific Development and Learning - let's call her Dean Herodotus XXXVIII for the moment. 

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  1. Triple boobs, gills, and weird hands in an amphibious alien species? Awesome!