Monday, February 11, 2013

Synthean - 2013: Year of the Snake (1)

Well, I don't get the chance to work on too many holiday commissions - generally hard to wrap my schedule around them - and to get guaranteed deliveries....but every now and then the stars align perfectly.

Now...after the amazing work Synthean did on a simple piece of gift art for me last year - not to mention the amazing Christmas sequence - I figured it was only fair to give him a full commission for this one.  Chinese New Year coinciding with the Year of the Snake seemed like a perfect combination.

So without any further ado...I present: Dance of the Serpent (in 3 acts).


  1. Can't wait for the last one! Awesome and thanks!
    Happy Chinese New year!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Actually, there will be three more pictures in this series. I'm glad you enjoy them!